The organic ANDEX mantles for erosion control are important and functional as they allow:

  • Reduce the erosive energy of the impact of rain with the soil.
  • Reduce the speed of surface runoff flow.
  • They conserve the humidity of the rain and facilitate the infiltration of water in the land.
  • They cushion the gradients of the soil temperature.
  • They reduce the evaporation of the water retained.
  • Increase their microbial activity and cation exchange.
  • They favor the implantation of vegetation.
  • Ultimately, they improve soil and plant conservation, reducing damage due to droughts or torrential rains.


Synthetic erosion control mantles

The Erosion Control mantles that ANDEX offers are designed with high tensile strength in different directions, chemical, biological and ultraviolet degradation, with greater durability, and will provide exceptional value in the reinforcement of future vegetation. They are ideal to add structure and force to the surface of earth and subsurface soil reinforcing the vegetation.

Of varied specifications to adapt to the requirement of each project.

  • Sediment retention.
  • Environmental works.
  • Creation of Revegeted Channels.
Reforestation and Revegetation Projects
  • Plant species support on very steep slopes.
  • Revegetation of slopes on roads and mining units.