The derivation of the courses of streams and rivers, as well as the conduction of waters for the needs of hydropower infrastructure, forces us to the coating of channels so that these conserve their geometric and hydraulic characteristics of design. It is common practice that the coating of channels is conceptualized with concrete, and this being a rigid structure is subject to failures caused by differential settlements in the foundation soil, lateral thrusts, sub-pressures, or faults across the joints such as filtrations or vegetative growth. These problems result in partial or total collapse of the coating.

 ANDEX offers new solutions with highly effective products.


For two decades ANDEX has managed to position the Geoweb® as the best alternative to obtain flexible concrete slabs, eliminating formwork and construction joints. This technique allows the lining to be rearranged due to settlement problems or other types of failure without reaching collapse. Among the advantages in the use of our Flexible Slabs we have to mention the comparative profitability of the solution because they allow to dispense with joints and the items associated with them, as well as lower coating thicknesses and high yields during the execution of a work.

Similarly, Geoweb® can confine sand / soil mortar – cement, gravel or rock to achieve the purpose of coating channels.

Alternatively, Incomat (Geotextile formwork high resistance fabric); as well as Channel3 (Waterproof Geotextile coating) can be the specific applications for your project.