The demands of loads and efforts to which the lands in a work are submitted tend to be higher and more frequent to their natural capacity. In addition, moisture content that can be seasonally presented make the design and use of integral distribution systems and load support essential.

We know that many of the problems faced by engineering with the load bearing capacity of a floor, is related to the type of load that is required to transmit; In many cases, the foundation soil has a lower support capacity than the transmitted load, so there are faults in the ground that can subsequently result in the failure of the structure.

Andex proposes technical and innovative solutions for the distribution of static or dynamic loads, and for the increase of the bearing capacity of soft soils; controlling settlements or differential deformations, reflection of cracks in upper layers, and improving their drainage and consolidation.


The best and most complete Multicomponent System of Geocellular Confinement, is one of the best technologies available to ANDEX. His continuous innovation in the manufacture of the cells, as well as the other components of the system, have placed it as the leader of this technology worldwide.


Geogrids of Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA), Aramid or Polyester (PET), according to the requirements of high resistance combined with low deformations, as well as the pH conditions of the environment in which they will work.


The synthetic pavement of greater acceptance for its high performance and recovery capacity to be reused.


Its ability to integrate into a single unit makes it ideal for use under high live loads. High performance and recovery mat.


Element of distribution of loads and superficial drainage at the same time, used as a complement to the two technologies mentioned above.

Andean Mat

Synthetic pavements that allow a semi-rigid surface, drainage and distribution of loads, on hydrocarbon exploration platforms, workshops, etc.

Ring TracK

Piles of confined sand that allows the transfer of loads to substrates of greater load capacities.

Geogrids or High Resistance Geotextiles

Applied to base and sub – base improvements as well as to crack reflection control.