Many of the activities carried out by engineering cause erosion, which can damage our ecosystems. Various technologies have been developed to improve traditional erosion control practices, especially when it comes to protecting slopes on steep slopes.

Erosion is one of the most polluting factors of water courses and reservoirs and it has a serious effect on the loss of soils, the same which in several cases can be considered as a non renewable resource.

Vegetation is the best weapon to control the slopes erosion. However, when this are degraded they will need an organic solution to manage their revegetation (top soil) and when the slopes are too steep a support is necesary to contain the top soil.

ANDEX counts with different alternatives for the erosion control and to give the slopes sustainability:


The best and more complete multicomponent System of Geocellular Confinement   joined to the experience ANDEX has over soil bioeingineering has proven to be the most efficient means for the control of erosion in steep slopes. ANDEX has developed a series of projects in different ecosystems of our region with excellent results.


After certain exploring or production processes, it is demanded the recovery and provision of the materials that have not been able to integrate organically to the ecosystem. ANDEX has developed “BIOWEB”: 100% Multi – component System of biodegradable Cellular Confinement in a period of approximately 4 years, time in which vegetation should have already been established and consolidated.


Natural fiber organic mantles ( rice, coconut, jute, esparto and mixed) or degradable erosion control mantles used for the purpose of protecting the soil while generating a vegetative process.


These are synthetic mantles or “TRM´S “which generate greater coverage for a longer period of time. There is also the possibility of using mixed mantles, that is to say a mixture of Synthetic Mantles and Biomants, depending on the project requirement.


It is a mixture of fiber, seeds and nutrients hydraulically released to generate a covering system more attached to the surface of the slopes.