It is common to find on some roads preventive signs of fall / detachment of stones as the only element of protection of vehicles and people who travel these roads. Similarly, during the execution of works, the characteristics of the soil or the use of explosives can cause similar risks.

The lack of vegetative cover of a great majority of steep slopes in our region exposes them to the effects of wind erosion, which cause the detachment of rocks of various sizes and shapes, along roads, urban roads, or during the constructive stage of a certain work. This risk increases with the presence of seismic movements.


Stone Fall Control Systems (SCCP) can be passive or active systems.

The passive systems are more economical, and where it is possible to revegetate the slopes it will be more convenient to orient the proposal towards a combined solution of Soil Bioengineering; normally composed of geogrids and plant species. The advantage of the use of Geogrids makes the system better adapted to the topography of the slopes and function as a dissipater of the energy of falling stones.

The active systems try to avoid the detachment of rocks, so they demand more robust solutions, with important anchors. For each project, an adequate selection must be made of the type of system that will be necessary. The Dynamic Meshes and Debris Flow Control Meshes are metallic structures used for this purpose because of their great resistance and high degree of elongation.