A large percentage of the planet’s rainfall has runoff, volumes and irregular cycles. Global warming and climate change make the return periods of these cycles shorter and more severe. In addition, a region exposed to the effects of earthquakes and tsunamis faces a greater challenge to prevent erosion in cities and ports.

The defenses against fluvial or coastal erosion are designed and executed to protect structures, dwellings and areas bordering riversides or seashores. These protections allow to channel, derive or protect from waters of rivers, streams and seas.

Each of these solutions will be your best Benefit / Cost alternative in the particularity of the location of your project.


They are the most appropriate response for riparian protections in areas where the presence of aggregates or rock is scarce and expensive. Filled with sand or the sediments accumulated in the river channels for the protection of coastal banks or beaches, the Andex Geo bags are manufactured with high modulus geotextiles whose mechanical properties are resistance to puncture, tearing, tension and impact. These qualities allow high performances of installation on site, adequate durability and performance, among others. They have different shapes and technical characteristics may vary. The materials to manufacture them can be:





Conformed by its GeoCelular & Geoweb Multicomponent Confinement System, filled with concrete or cement floor, for the protection of slopes in dykes and dams.


Tube-type structures or sleeves made of high-modulus fabric geotextiles; that are normally filled hydraulically with the sludges that are desired to be confined to form the longitudinal protections or breakwaters.

Synthetic sheet piles of High Resistance

That combine the control of the fluvial erosion with the containment of lands.


In its various versions, synthetic or metallic for areas where there is availability of rock.


Which are synthetic sleeves filled with water from the courses of the rivers or streams, function as dikes or dams of water. These are used for the control of floods in urban centers or industrial plants, bypass systems and processing for the construction or maintenance stage, having the advantage of being reusable.