The ANDEX Geogrids are used extensively for the function of soil reinforcement in road embankments, asphalt bin reinforcement, Internally Reinforced Floor Walls (MSIR), and Stone Fall Control Systems (SCCP). The options we offer are manufactured from three different types of resins: Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA), Aramid and Polyester (PET). The difference of each one of them lies in the requirements of resistance and deformation, as well as the pH level of the enviroment in which they will work.

Its excellent interaction with the ground due to its flexibility, the mechanism of interlocking, the high and diverse resistances combined to the low deformations; In addition to the amplitude of opening sizes allows reduction of spaces, volumes and costs in earthmoving tasks for the proposed purpose.

Geogrids are made of filaments of different raw materials with high elastic modulus and low creep (loss of resistance over time). Its manufacturing process eliminates any possibility of molecular changes in its structure, which could lead to weak points, especially at its intersections. They are lightweight, easy to install, and may include polymer coatings and asphalt.

The very high ultimate strength combined with the low deformation of a geogrid allow; for example, the efficient protection of areas prone to settlement under strict requirements. The geogrids have resistances from 30 kN to 3,000 kN, with different levels of elongation.

For this product we have Quality Certification according to the highest international standards, which will validate your confidence in the design and use of our Geogrids.


Biaxial geogrid with adequate mesh opening and bituminous coating to be used as a reinforcement for asphalt concrete in the control of rigid and flexible pavement cracks. With an ultra-light non-woven geotextile linked to the geogrid, also impregnated with bitumen, which guarantees that the installation work can be carried out quickly and economically easily.

The asphalt reinforcement products of the HaTelit line enable a significant extension in the renewal and maintenance intervals of the pavement, thus generating a significant increase in its useful life. Due to the consequent reduction in the maintenance costs of the track, HaTelit represents a cost-effective and highly effective restoration solution for the control of reflection cracking.

Nothing adheres better to the bitumen than the bitumen itself! This is why all our products incorporate a factory bituminous impregnation with a bitumen content greater than 60%.

Simple and reliable installation    
  • The bituminous coating ensures excellent adhesion to the lower application surface.       
  • The non-woven cover linked to the reinforcement geogrid facilitates the installation (faster and better positioning).
  • The dimensions of the roll (up to 150 meters in length and with widths in multiples of 1.0 m to 5.0 m) reduce the number of overlaps required, thus increasing the performance of the installation procedures.
  • Its high flexibility and manageability simplify its placement.
High resistance to installation damage
  • Direct traffic of supplier trucks and operation of asphalt finishers.
  • Extended and compacted layers of asphalt concrete.
  • Installation on milled surfaces.
  • Installation in alkaline environments (concrete pavements).
Excellent Adherence
  •  The geogrid and the adhered geotextile have a bituminous coating. The functions of the Non Woven Geotextile are to favor the installation and to guarantee that the adhesion of the Geogrid to the layers of asphalt concrete is optimal.

Minegrid is manufactured from high tenacity polyester or polyvinyl alcohol with an anti-static electricity and fire resistant coating. The wide range of Minegrid goes from tensile strengths of 35kN / m to 1000kN / m. The standard roll size is 5m x 100m, but rolls can be supplied in other widths and / or lengths as needed. The wide range of the Minegrid product line allows you to customize the solution for the particular needs of mines and quarries.

  • Alta resistencia a tracciónHigh tensile strength
  • Low elongation / minor deformation
  • Resistant to chemical degradation
  • Non-corrosive
  • Easy installation due to its low weight / high resistance

        Fácil instalación debido a su bajo peso/alta resistencia

Why choose Minegrid?

Minegrid has been used to recover the “long cuts”, support columns and reinforce the high walls in mines and quarries throughout the World. Minegrid has proven itself in the most extreme conditions and has always been the standard of quality for the industry.

Minegrid has a history of security unequaled. Thanks to Minegrid, mines and quarries have improved their safety, their production and the profitability of their operation.

  •         Recovery of “long cuts” / relocation
  •         Subjection of the roof of the mine
  •         Support in columns
  •         Control of the walls