Andex is the exclusive distributor of Geoweb, the best and most complete Multicomponent System of Geocellular Confinement that exists worldwide.

Geoweb has more than 25 years of excellent performance in different ecosystems of Latin America, especially in the Andean region. The database of international achievements helps improve the new design suggestions we offer to our clients and consultants.

Manufactured as a “honeycomb”, consisting of indented and perforated geocells, with high-strength ultrasound joints. The indentation and perforations of the bands that make up the walls of the GEOWEB cells follow patterns that have been the result of research and tests carried out at the plant for years.

The raw material of which the GEOWEB is made, Polyethylene (HDPE), is a “blend” (unique mixture) of resins of excellent quality, this is what guarantees its workability and durability. In addition, the complementary elements that this technology uses are specially designed to have superior performance (tendon clip, Atra Key, among others).

Its excellent and proven performance with various filling materials has made it the most reliable system on the planet. With the purpose of controlling the erosion of steep slopes, GEOWEB allows the generation of a mechanical system that contains the organic soil (Top Soil) and reduces the hydraulic energy of surface and sub-surface runoff. In this way, together with the chemical and biological stabilization systems of the slopes that ANDEX has developed, a self-sustaining revegetation is achieved. In ecosystems or locations in which it is not possible to revegetate, it can also be filled with gravel, with optimal results.

GEOWEB filled with concrete, mortar or cement floor, allows to make flexible slabs for the protection of slopes, river defenses, coating of channels and, even pavements type pavers cast in situ; structures that could be adapted to possible differential land settlements.

GEOWEB significantly increases the capacity of Distribution and Load Support of soils with low “CBR” indexes, since it enhances the cut resistance of granular fillings (gravels), or sands.

In addition, ANDEX complements this excellent technology with our Integral Technical Assistance Service. This additional support that you receive with this service is an adequate investment in your safety and quality of work. We have the experts who know the most about GEOWEB at a global and regional level. We lead research, innovation and development of this technology. We have a unique logistic service due to the manufacturing capacity of our strategic partner Presto Geosystems and thanks to the stocks that we manage. Our costs are adequate to the potential solution of your problem, avoiding that our clients incur costly repairs or losses of time; due to supposedly cheaper solutions.