Hydroseeding +  is the specific technique that ANDEX offers for your project. It consists of mechanized hydraulic projection on the soil or slope that is desired to revegetate a homogeneous mixture of mulches, seeds, hydro retaining agents, soil stabilizers, humic and fulvic acids, fertilizers, and other elements.

ANDEX supplies the best supplies for hydro-seeding that currently exist in the market. It can also provide the service itself.

Hydroseeding consists of a projection of an aqueous mixture containing seeds, fertilizers, mulch, glue and other additives on the soil to be revegetated.

Hydroseeding has two objectives: to control erosion immediately and favor the development of vegetation in the medium term, which is what will eventually control erosion in the long term and in a sustainable way.

On the other hand, hydroseeding allows to achieve high sowing yields as well as revegetate difficult access areas such as: steep slopes, high areas, unstable areas.