Drainage Pavement Systems


The Mats are synthetic structural pavements with a high draining capacity that admit high loads on soft soils. They are lightweight elements, which can be pre-assembled and transferred to the field with great ease. Its connection elements allow it to be finally constituted in a single unit in the work.

Easy to recover and be reused.

We have Geoterra®, GTO® and its complementary elements such as 52HD®, Non-Woven Geotextiles, Woven Geotextiles, Geomembranes or Geocomposites waterproofing and absorbent of pollutants, according to the requirements of your project.

The Geoterra® and GTO® systems are used for the distribution and support of point and mobile loads, in oil platforms (including camp areas, warehouses, helipads, piping yards, etc.), in port warehouses, in areas or zones in which it is not possible to have quality aggregates. Both systems can also be used for access roads and maintenance, without the need for aggregates in low bearing capacity or unstable soil in the presence of water. These products work as an alternative element to protect the environment, by reducing the exploitation of wood, aggregates quarries and protecting sensitive areas.

On the other hand the SED 52 HD Draining Structural System is a mat whose design allows different applications such as the drainage of sports fields, engineering works, retaining walls and landscaping design (green cities). It is a material specially designed for the design of cities sensitive to water. The SED 52 HD promotes the correct flow of excess water and increases the permeability of the soil, which facilitates the recharge of groundwater.