Surface drainage is extremely important in the conception of a project. Monoblock® and its peers allow efficient runoff management.

Monoblock® is a drainage system in which the channel and grate are integrated in one piece. It is applied on public roads, highways, speedways, airports and logistics centers, where there is heavy traffic or heavy vehicles. It is made of exclusive polymer concrete.

Monoblock® is highly resistant, anti-noise, anti-vandal and anti-corrosive. This product is ideal for lateral and transverse applications of roads and highways. The highly resistant polymer concrete composes the channel whose V-shape allows to increase the water flow and improves self-cleaning. It has male – female connections for a simple and fast installation, has different sizes and a line of very complete accessories (sinks, inspection units, covers, etc.).


ANDEX also has a wide range of geocomposites for the sub-drainage of the different areas and requirements of your project.

With different characteristics of resistance to compression and infiltration capabilities, as well as its conduction and disposition of the flows.

Various types of structures such as airports, urban roads, warehouses, workshops, buildings, shopping centers, among others are the best examples to be treated with this type of solutions.

Draining Cells, 52HD, Flo Tank®, Flo Channel®, biplanar and triplanar Geodrains, among others are the best examples of these technologies for the integral solution of sub-drainage.