The appearance of cracks on flexible pavements is due to fatigue of the material, cracking of thermal origin or instability of the base. In the case of rigid pavements, they are also caused by forge shrinkage. This is one of the biggest concerns of pavement engineering and road agencies in our region.

The development of cracks has three phases: initiation, propagation and rupture of the rolling layer. All generated by the cutting – tension – cutting  efforts  and its corresponding fatigue.


Many geosynthetics have been used as reinforcement for pavements: non-woven geotextiles and geogrids, among others. However, the vast majority of them are manufactured as generic products, that is why their performance has not adequately complemented, or collaborate with the properties of the asphalt mix.

ANDEX, as a developer of Geosynthetic Engineering, promotes the use of Hatelit® as the specific solution for this challenge.