Structural Sustainable Drainage Systems

ANDEX has the most complete line of Sustainable Structural Drainage Systems (SEDS). These allow the best distribution and load support; surface drainage and sub-drainage of pedestrian walkways, oil platforms, work surfaces in the truck shop miners; as well as in the crossings or roads that cross muddy terrains, swamps or bofedales. Their excellent capacity of recovery and reuse of these systems make them very high profitability for their investment.

Similarly, we have developed a set of elements for the Sustainable Road Drainage System (SiDreViaS), which allows efficient surface drainage and sub-drainage on roads and roadways that have width of way limitations.

Likewise, our Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS) is the best and most complete solution to urban stormwater drainage; so that it is totally independent of the wastewater management of our cities.

The SEDS, SiDreViaS and SUDS of Andex® are manufactured mostly from recycled resins, as an environmental strategy for the recycling of plastics. Its resistance to compression characteristics, ultraviolet rays and connection mechanisms are adequately tested, certified and monitored in the field.


The Flow Channel is a lightweight structural modular system used to build underground pipes to channel the flow of water.

The modular nature of this system allows a very easy construction of channels of any volume. The versatility of these modules also allows the design to be adapted to specific terrain situations.

  • Underground channels for floods
  • Drainage
Total Flood Waters Management

Modular channel systems use absorption and infiltration methods to channel and clean the water that can be reused or to reinsert it into the natural water system, leading it to modular storage tanks. These modular tank systems offer a highly efficient option for handling excess water or flooding in any type of soil.

Water Quality

The modular tank system excels when there is a requirement to achieve a high level of water quality, especially when seeking to separate nutrients and dense contaminants. In addition to the obvious environmental benefits, the underground location of the tank system provides more usable area on the surface and a more aesthetic finish compared to concrete tanks or plastic tanks placed on the surface.


Stormbrixx is a patented cellular system, made of plastic, created for water management. Designed to filter and store surface water, its versatility allows it to be used in different kind of construction environments as a solution itself or as part of an urban drainage system.