The need to develop roads, canals, transmission lines, forces us to interact with steep slopes. In the presence of new loads, humidity, water or wind erosion, these lands must be analyzed for their stability and sustainability.

The loss of the natural balance of a slope (instability), in a great majority of cases, is caused by an inadequate interaction of man with the environment, by losses of the shear of the soils that conform it or an increase in the pore pressure due to the presence of precipitations, or saturation of soils by external agents. Faced with this instability, the most appropriate technical method must be defined to stabilize the land and prevent its degradation.

Andex provides comprehensive treatment techniques for this problem with the proper use of Geosynthetics and our Revegetation Systems.

Andex offers a variety of treatment techniques by means of Bioengineering solutions that allow a soil to be confined to give adequate support to plant species.


Geoweb GeoCelular Confinement System Geoweb & Bioweb, support structure that allows to contain the soil, thus stabilizing it, and at the same time allows the revegetation of slopes of great slope.

The Internally Reinforced Floor Walls are the best proposal offered by ANDEX. This solution allows us to apply the latest technology together with the empirical techniques of the cultures that inhabited the area centuries ago. This application has had great success and with it we have gained the trust of our customers. These structures greatly reduce the loads that will be transmitted to the foundation floor, eliminates items such as formwork, structural steel, concrete forge and demoulding process times. The drainage process, the placement of the geogrids, and the filling of the wall with select and compacted soil are practically the only steps necessary for the application of service loads.

The Green Walls are a more friendly alternative to the environment. In addition, it improves the performance by becoming a solution of Internally Confined and Reinforced Floor Walls, where in addition it is heavily influenced in the Sub – Drainage of the structures themselves.

The internal reinforcement is basically given by the interaction of the selected soil with the High Resistance Geogrids. ANDEX uses Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA), a better performance material compared to perforated and stressed Polyethylene, and Polyester.

As a complement to these systems we have planting techniques for the revegetation of slopes through the use of Biomantle, Geomantle and Hydroseeding.