Andex, together with its strategic partners, brings smart solutions with prefabricated vertical drain in cases of saturated soils which will require to be on time and efficient consolidated to allow construction works.
Vertical drainage on soils provides a media for excess water to be removed, which accelerate the natural consolidation process of hundreds of years and then obtain a terrain with appropriate bearing capacity.
Besides the vertical drain it will be needed a surcharge on the soil matrix which will produce the excess water to be displaced to the vertical drains and producing the consolidation process.
The image below shows the installation of the prefabricated vertical drains and the displacement of the water toward the drain.


Our HDPE impermeable vertical courtains provide blockage to water flow due to the installation system which allows sealed connection, in contrast with other installation methods such as welding unions, sewing, or other.

Geolock cutoff wall is a waterproof barrier which consists of a patented lock construction, made of extruded HDPE, HDPE liner panels are installed vertical in the subsoil. The lock system is equipped with a hydrophilic cord to guarantee water blockage, even at high depths / pressures.

The system is used to block (potentially) polluted groundwater flow at for instance waste disposal-, factory- and mining sites. In civil applications the system is used to block waterflow through dikes, dams and construction sites. In cement-bentonite diaphragm walls it can be used in the top section to assure water tightness when deformations of wall are to be expected. As the material can be seen as gastight, one can keep this application in mind as well.

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