Water, a vital element for the development of life, can also be a risk factor when it comes in large volume, energy or pollution. Its proper handling and treatment is one of the most important engineering tasks. It is essential that the storage, treatment, disposal and management of this resource is properly designed.

Water scarcity is already a problem, but even more so is the management of this natural resource. Our pre-Hispanic cultures had better alternatives to solve the problem than we have today, for example, through their crops on terraces or platforms, or the Nazca underground channels.

Currently, the cycles of hydrological phenomena are being more frequent, the times of return are shorter and just the 40% of them are regular, predictible or likely to forecast. Therefore, the design of structures to interact with nature requires the definition of a profitable rate of benefit / cost for events that exceed that regularity.


ANDEX proposes the next systems for drenage and water managment.


Construction of small and medium sized dams in the upper basins, in such a way as to allow the use and reuse of water, its volume and hydro-energetic potential. Much of this task involves the reinforcement and waterproofing, as well as the improvement of current dams.

Then, the possible solutions to the conduction of the water flows can you find it in our section Coating Channels.


ANDEX gives enviromental solutions for the rainwater harvest, its storage and reuse with the Sustainable urban sewer system (SUDS®)

Likewise, our Draining Structural System (Andex SED) it characterized by giving a high porosity, flow continuity, simplicity in handling and installation, high resistance and superior service life.

In ANDEX we feel proud to have being able to combine cutting- edge technology with the pre hispanic eingeneering of our region in two patrimonies of our peruvian culture: the city of Machu Picchu in Cuzco and the city of Chan Chan in Trujillo, getting amazing results thanks to the trust placed in our work.

The SUDS® and the Andex SED can be used for:

  • Water purification
  • Dithces and sub-regions
  • Draining pavements
  • Underground ponds
  • Drains in slabs and walls
  • Dithces and absorbent wells
  • Drainage in sport fields
  • Water storage and reuse