In addition to the importance of water management, including the need for reservoirs, waterproofing is a fundamental requirement for the construction of landfills for waste, mining, hydrocarbons, canals, underground works, aquaculture and infrastructure in general.


The Geomembrane is the best performing waterproof geosynthetic. ANDEX applies this product in its different qualities, Polyethylene (HDPE, LDPE and VLDPE), PVC, Polyolefins and Reinforced. It also offers them in their different types (smooth, rough or structured), colors (black, white, ocher or blue), special, high temperature resistance, conductive (which facilitate leakage control in non-conductive soils), and high durability.

Andex also has Encapsulated Bentonite Blankets (GCL), which offer the best waterproofing / cost performance in the market. These blankets can be produced with specific characteristics according to the required solution. Ask us about Tektoseal Clay and Nabento, it is highly probable that it is your best alternative.