ANDEX sells Geotextiles of Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA), Polypropylene (PPE) and Polyester (PET) fabrics. Woven Geotextile, by its own manufacture, has a more restricted stress / strain ratio than non-woven. Its main function is the reinforcement, in addition to the separation and filter. Its application, therefore, is more linked to the reinforcement of bases or embankments.

ANDEX provides stable Soil Reinforcement techniques over time, thanks to its High Module Geotextiles with low deformation.

The High Resistance Geotextiles put up with high stress loads at break per unit width, so they are suitable to provide tensile strength to the soil and control its failure. The High Resistance Geotextiles have great resistance to degradation by UV Rays and biological and chemical attack, in medium and long term reinforcement structures.

They are ideal for:

  • Reinforcement of soft soils.
  • Stabilization of slopes, embankments and dams.
  • Retaining walls with very fine soil.
  • Closing of lagoons and pools.
  • Foundation for waterproofing systems.
  • Land confinement.
  • Drains subjected to large loads.